15% OFF Radionic Devices - Powerwand & Succor Punches

Feeling like you don't have enough power? Do you feel that if you could broadcast your intentions directly into the universal ether, your voice would be heard? You can. Radionic devices propel your inner thoughts and desires into the Universal realm, in a powerful way.

CTBusters offers several cool radionic devices

The Succor Punch, is Don Croft's original radionic invention. It broadcasts your intentions very powerfully and also acts as a cloaking device. It comes in two versions; The 9-volt battery powered one can be carried anywhere, the 12-volt model is designed to plug into the accessory plug in your car or truck.

The Powerwand is the star!

Don Croft invented the Powerwand in 2001, we built the first one in my garage. It has evolved into the two current models; The Powerwand and The Golden Powerwand. One is polished Nickel the other is plated with 24-karat gold over the nickel. I don't claim the Golden version to be more powerful, it's just very beautiful!

These four devices are marked-down 15% for the rest of March

Next month a new product will be announced!



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