CTBusters BIG Annual Sale

For a brief time, until May 31st, CTBusters is holding its Annual Big Sale.

This year The Big Annual Sale is on for the month of May!

10-15% off on all orgonite orders. That's right, 15%! Later in the year I have to raise my prices, I haven't in a very long time, so, this is a very special sale! Prices will never be this low again.

The Orgone Package deals along with Tanna's Trio are extra-super deals with an additional 10% off! These package deals are heavily discounted to begin with.

The Powerwand and the Golden Powerwand; 15% off.

12v Succor Punches and 9v Succor Punches; 15% off.

The Basic Zapper gets a $5 discount, the Golden Zapper gets a $10 discount.

The Terminator 2 zapper gets a $25 discount!

The sale concludes on the last day of May!

Happy Birthday to me, but the gifts are for you!

CTBusters, the first web store on Earth to sell these products, is enjoying it's 16th year in business. Thank you very much!

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