It's time for CTBusters Annual Sale!

Get 15%-off on all of our products, not including Zappers. This is a great time to save some money while you stock-up on the tools you need to deal with the present onslaught of wireless tech. It's going to get worse when the forthcoming 5G wireless technology becomes common, so be ready. Sale ends September first.

By placing some Orgonite around your home you can convert that negative, life-draining energy into positive Orgone energy that supports all living things. Doing so will give you and your family members added energy and confidence in your daily lives. You'll sleep better and feel better. Positive Orgone energy promotes harmony among family members and all who come into your living spaces. Take a Tower Buster to work and improve the lives of those you work with.

Supercharge your wishes and prayers with a Succor Punch or Powerwand. These radionic devices that Don Croft invented are powerful tools for change.

Bust some Chemtrails with Don Croft's Cloudbuster. The Orgone Kits are an extra-special bargain with an additional 15% off! That's about 30% off from retail.

We have a new product, it's the Zapper Polishing cloth. After trying-out various cleaners and chemical polishes, we found these and feel they are the best way to keep the copper contacts on your zapper clean and operating at peak efficiency. There is no need to wet these polishing cloths, they work best when dry. Not to be used on Golden Zappers.

Don't forget to add our 9 volt Lithium Ion Batteries and Charger to your order. These batteries are awesome, they will last a very long time, no more buying batteries! You will always have a charged battery on hand with this system.

15% discount will automagically apply to your cart's contents when you check out!

We lost Don Croft a year ago, last month. The world lost a great man, much too soon. Thankfully his gift of Orgonite has lived on. You can read "The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft" here. Don was a gift from God, a special man with a destiny and a plan. He changed the world for better. Something we all get to do, as well.

Without Don Croft out there promoting Orgonite every day, our sales have suffered a lot. Please support CTBusters and continue to spread your knowledge of Orgonite! It's up to us now to continue Don's quest of protecting all living things from tyranny and harm.

We love you guys!

Andy and Zoe


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