New Improved Basic Zapper From CTBusters

Due to popular demand, CTBusters has finally substituted the copper/zinc pennies with pure copper discs. Now you can scrub those contacts clean without messing up those poorly copper-plated pennies that we used for years. CTBusters absorbs the extra expense, so, no increase in price, just quality.

CTBusters Thirty-Five Dollar Basic Zapper

For too many years we resisted doing this. The new pennies from the bank have suffered in quality quite a bit. They come though with radial scratches that used to make a coin more valuable, not anymore. People like to get the contacts real clean but here's a tip: It's not that necessary because copper is naturally anti-bacterial. Hospitals now use copper in the patient's bed's handrails to prevent the transfer of germs. Our new all-copper contacts do the same thing.

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