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Basic Zapper


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These are very effective zappers, endorsed by Don Croft. The Basic Zapper pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery's charge.


This is the world-famous, CTBusters Basic Zapper!

This is the little brother to the Croft Terminator zappers, incorporating the same circuitry.

CTBusters is the global leader in Basic Zapper technology.

These are very effective zappers, endorsed by Don Croft. The Basic Zapper pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery's charge. They produce a positive-offset wave form.

The Basic Zapper has the same zapper-circuitry as the Croft Terminator 2 Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the best Zapper in the world, but it doesn't have the high-cost either. Both the Basic Zapper and the Terminator 2 kill parasites such as worms, virus, bacteria and fungi. The Terminator 2 heals on higher levels as well, such as emotional and spiritual. Don says the Terminator continues to heal the body after the parasite die-off. Knowing that the main work of zapping is parasite cleansing, the Basic Zapper is a very effective and bargain-priced zapper. Despite it's cheap price, CTBusters stands behind the manufacture quality of your zapper!

They are smaller than the Terminator 2 and very easy to use. Slip it into a sock, under a bra-strap, in your waistband, be creative. Printed instructions for the Basic Zapper are included with your order.

Don Croft wrote the Basic Zapper Instructions

See the Crofts discuss zappers in this video:
Don & Carol Croft with David Wolfe - Zappers!

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You should get our 9 volt Li Ion batteries and charger too!

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Customer Reviews

Best $35 dollars I've spent for my "autoimmune" issue Review by Suneater
I am only a week in but have finally removed what was thought to be an autoimmune issue in my intestines. It ended up being a clear parasite roughly a foot long. These must be hard to locate since they are translucent. It would seem that they spread thinly over the digestive tract. I had weakened it over the last year in a half with the oil supplements, sun water (water charged in the sun parasites hate it), and other various holistic approaches. Then finally with the zapper, and all the natural methods I have acquired over the years I was able to get it to remove itself. Good luck and thanks again for a wonderful product.

PS My wife is finally convinced to get another ;) (Posted on 6/11/2019)
Affordable and Effective! Review by Catherine
I often recommend your "Basic Zapper". I have been using it for five years, and I would never be without it. I wear it to zap away aches and pains, and even use it to keep insects away! I haven't had a mosquito bite in years!
Thank you for providing such an affordable and effective zapper. (Posted on 5/18/2019)
Prolongs my deep sleep Review by awesselius
I mostly use this product during the night. I just strap it underneath my feet, around my fibula or just tuck it underneath any bodypart and lay on top of it. It works just fine.
Most important part is, that I use this to prolong my deep sleep. When I don't use it, my deep sleep wades away around 3:00 AM. So I wake up, sleep, wake up sleep every half an hour. But when I do use it, the deep sleep lasts some 1,5 hour more, wake up, 1,5 hour more etc.
I also notice that my pancreas, adrenal glands and my liver are working way better if I do use it.
It can also be used as a pain killer to kill pain from inflammation. The current will increase blood circulation and therefore help relieve build up of blood cells.
Please, never change this product! (Posted on 1/21/2019)
Amazing unexpected benefits Review by Txgal
I stumbled upon this while researching pinworms. I noticed extremely positive energy and my attitude was improving. It helped clear brainfog. I'm most impressed by the amount of calm positive energy I experienced. (Posted on 1/20/2019)
"Great product and great customer service!" Review by The Ageless Adept
"I wear the Basic Zapper next to my skin throughout the day to receive maximum benefit, and incorporate it into (and recommend it for) my Ageless Living cleansing and detox protocol along with herbs, tinctures, colonics, coffee enemas and other practices."--Walt Goodridge, author of A Clean Cell Never Dies, and editor of Fast & Grow Young (Posted on 11/19/2018)
Don't be without one Review by Vince T
I've been using Zappers for over 3 years now and I can really tell the difference. My wife uses one and the difference is visible with her when she forgets to put it on. Best $35 anyone could spend to augment their health and keep the flu virus away. While other people around me are getting walloped with the flu and out of work for days, I just have a few minor symptoms and keep on going! I can tell the virus is attacking me but the Zapper is keeping it bay. Once I let the battery get low, then, dead for a day before I noticed it, and the flu got a small foothold. However, once I realized how bad I felt, I put in a new battery and within 24 hours, no more flu. The only reason I rate the quality 4 stars instead of 5 is that the switch mechanism is not super high quality and sometimes fails. I keep a spare zapper in the drawer in case I have to order a new one, this way I can always be covered. On a side note, I put a small piece of folded paper on 3 sides of the battery because I wear mine in my sock/ankle and it bounces noisily inside the case without the paper spacer. Batteries last about 12-14 days and I buy the bulk 9-volt pack at Coscto for about $16, which gives me a long time supply for cheap. Lastly, Andy Schwarm has given me great service whenever I had a problem with the switch. (Posted on 3/21/2018)
Superb Review by Camomilla
I am a person with re-occuring infections, and this zapper has more or less zapped away all of them. Now my daughter has been trying it with same amazing results. I would say it has the ability to remove, or at least reduce virus and bacteria to the degree for the body to easliy get get of whatever is invading it. Love it! (Posted on 1/8/2018)

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