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Buck-Naked Tower Buster


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The Buck-Naked Tower Buster is quite attractive and look very cool on your desk next to an HHG , Dolphin Ball or alone. PLEASE NOTE: Price is for 1 (one) Buck Naked Tower Buster each.


Well, we did it.

Customers have been requesting paperless Tower Buster cones since we opened CTBusters.

In the nude, Tower Busters are quite attractive and look very cool on your desk next an HHG, Dolphin Ball or alone. They also are a bit more discrete for gifting due to their dark violet coloring.

These Buck-Naked Tower Busters share the same dimensions and ingredients as the papered ones. These are small ogone generators that convert negative orgone into positive orgone.

We believe that negative orgone attaches itself to electromagnetic frequencies, piggy-back style. It's not the radio frequencies that are making us ill, it's the Deadly Orgone Radiation that comes with it. Orgon-ite converts that bad orgone into Positive Orgone Radiation, which is also known as Prana, Chi, Life Force and by other names.

Orgon-ite devices, such as these Buck Naked Tower Busters, act as 'energy purifiers'. They do for energy what air purifiers do for air! When placed within a quarter-mile of a cell tower, it will reverse the tower's energy signature from negative to positive immediately. These same devices can be placed anywhere you want to clean the ambient energy, home, car work, wherever.

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