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Orgone Kit, Deluxe


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This kit contains 1 9-Volt Succor Punch, 1 Basic Zapper, 1 Buck-Naked Tower Buster, 1 4-sided Pyramid HHG, 1 Dolphin Ball, and 5 Tower Busters.


The 9-Volt Succor Punch is a powerful radionic device that generates a 15 Hz scaler wave onto which you can imprint your own intentions, broadcast directly into the Ethers, which is everywhere at-once. It's a quantum effect. Some have called them prayer crystals, which works for me.

Tanna's Trio is my most-sold product, so it's in all the kits I am now offering, building around them. Tanna's Trio includes 1 Orgone 4-Sided Pyramid HHG , 1 Dolphin Ball, and 1 Buck-Naked Tower Buster.

Included also is a Basic Zapper. I feel everyone should have a Zapper so they are also included in all of the new product - groups/kits. Basic Zappers kill parasites literally on-contact.

This product grouping has a discount applied, purchased separately these items would cost more.

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