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Orgone Pyramid HHG, 4-Sided


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The Ctbusters HHG is based on the original design by Don Croft. The four-sided one is 4.25" tall, 6" along the base.


The Ctbusters HHG is based on the original design by Don Croft. The four-sided one is 4.25" tall, 6" along the base. The matrix (resin and metal) is made with aluminum shavings and clear resin that has a slight violet coloring. The four-sided HHG has five double-terminated crystals. This HHG is available with the Powerpack upgrade.

The interaction of the organic resin and inorganic metal creates Orgone. This corresponds to the alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials in a Reich Orgone Cabinet. Further orgone production results from the piezo-electrical effects of the crystals being compressed by the resin as it shrinks during curing.

These are ogone generators that convert negative orgone into positive orgone. We believe that negative orgone attaches itself to electromagnetic frequencies, piggy-back style. It's not the radio frequencies that are making us ill, it's the Deadly Orgone Radiation that comes with it. Orgonite converts that bad orgone into Positive Orgone Radiation, which is also known as Prana, Chi, Life Force and by other names. Orgonite devices such as these HHG's act as purifiers. They do for energy what air purifiers do for air!  These devices can be placed anywhere you want to clean the ambient energy; home, car work, wherever.

The HHG is an Orgone creation/balancing device. It is indicated wherever you want to balance DOR (deadly Orgone radiation) into good Orgone. We use them to balance the energies emitting from HAARP-type arrays, 'cell phone' towers, any sources of bad energy.

In the home, car, garden, office or anywhere, the HHG transforms bad energy into good. People report that having an HHG nearby transforms grumpy people into cheerful people and lifeless plants into healthy plants. Kids and pets love them, too. Bury one in your garden and expect your plants to thrive.

They bust the heck out of EMF generating sources, too

These are hand-made and are not perfect! There may be minor imperfections in the surfaces or they may be slightly larger or smaller than advertised. That said, they are quite beautiful.


Customer Reviews

Great investment Review by Natasha
I have had the organite pyramid for a year or so and I have experimented in many ways with it. I had some major health issues over the last few years and when I had bad pain I would put this pyramid over it and I felt instant shifts in the pain. I energetically saw how it creates a very beautiful etheric field around the body especially when used with direct intention. I also place it next to my bed when I have restless sleep and find it really eases and clears energy field. I have put in on good friends with migraines and symptoms which they also felt a big difference. I combine this pyramid with symbols and geometry and create crystal grids with it and my Powerwand, especially around new moon which is a great time to plant seeds of intention. I find Andy's work very useful especially in times of high or low energies to help balance my energy field and that of my family. Big fan of these organite technologies and they definitely bring consistent results. If you don't feel it working I find the more you continue to intuitively work with them, the more attuned you become to this amazing technology. Thanks Andy! (Posted on 10/6/2015)
Get this device. Review by Derek
I ordered Andy's HHG with the powerpack and it is simply amazing. Usually when I have first contact with a crystal I feel it energy the most powerfully and when I took the hhg out of the package I was blown away. My girlfriend, who is somewhat of a skeptic, was floored by the cooling energy coming out of this thing. She described her hands being frozen to the pyramid and her arms went numb. Now that's some power! We keep the hhg right above our bed and ever since I've had the most vivid amazing dreams and my girlfriend has started having precognative dreams. I can't recommend Andy's work more highly.
(Posted on 2/8/2010)
Looks wonderful as part of a garden. Review by Karen
Andy's 4 sided HHG's are wonderful! The energy is very pleasant, adds life to any area indoors or out. Extremely durable and long lasting too with a nice solid finish that will definitely withstand the outdoors. Looks wonderful as part of a garden.
(Posted on 4/18/2009)
negative ppl around me suddenly are more peaceful with me, very interesting... Review by Mario
"negative ppl around me suddenly are more peaceful with me, very interesting... I feel more calm and happy, I keep the HHG near my computer where there is alot of electrical output. very pleased with this item, going to buy more energy transmutable orgonite. "
(Posted on 3/6/2008)
Shipping & quality products are excellent. Review by Brian
I ordered one of Andy's 4-Sided HHGs, shipping & quality products are excellent. I'll be sure to recommend this site to family members.
(Posted on 7/11/2006)

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