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  • Posted by Gerard on 04/18/2010


    I received the Basic Zapper a week ago. I compared the Basic Zapper to the large Orgone Zapper I purchased 3 weeks ago.

  • Posted by Margo on 04/27/2010


    I received the Basic Zapper a week ago. I was very impressed by the short amount of time it took to receive my zapper and how well made it is. For only $26.00 and no shipping charges i am totally impressed.

  • Posted by james on 06/18/2010


    I borrowed a friend's zapper when they suggested I needed to try something 'radical' to fix shoulder pain of 6 months that was limiting my sleep to a couple of hours a night - and I was exhausted.

  • Posted by adrienne on 11/06/2010


    If the terminator is more powerful I don't need it. I love this little widget and wouldn't be without one again. I've only had it a week but the mood and energy elevational is fantastic. For pain it seems to have to be directly on the area, but again, only a week into the experiment.

  • Posted by barbara on 02/16/2011


    I received the Basic Zapper a week ago. I was very impressed.Actually my son bought it for himself. He asked me to try it and , well, buddy, buy your own. You are not getting this one. I was really sick. High fever . The whole 9 yards. 48 hours later , I am great. Can't bring myself to stop using it. Such a feeling of well being. Yep , I am buying another one before my son nabs this one. For the record , I am a nurse and I have never seen medicine" fix anything so fast."

  • Posted by Rochelle on 05/14/2011


    Thank You!! People this thing really works! I've been wearing it for a week now, it has definitely killed some bacteria that I knew of. And now when people say they had a good nights rest I can honestly say I know what that feels like now, that was aparent on the first night as well as a small back pain leaving the first night as well. Shipping was super fast in my case. I ordered on I believe a Wednesday or Tues and got it Friday which was totally unexpected. I'm going to buy more for family members because I cannot part with mine long enought to let anyone borrow it. Thank You CTBusters!

  • Basic Zapper

    Posted by Larry Harris on 12/26/2011


    My wife purchased a Basic zapper over a year ago from CTBusters and we both have used it regularly since then. I can truthfully say that neither of us have been sick with a cold or flu or anything else since we received it! Thanks Andy!

  • First hour!

    Posted by Jess on 05/18/2012


    I just got the zapper and as soon as I turned it on and put it on my arm, I was brought to my center and let go of all tension. I was ready to notice the effects. I noticed that my Qi energy flow was regulated to be more stable almost instantly, and the feeling of peace persisted. I could feel the acidity in my blood and knew the zapper was doing its job. All last night and today I have felt extremely hungry although I'm eating normal, and I'm pretty sure it's a parasite thing. The zapper is calming that. I feel more in the moment, my aura is stronger because of it, and I just felt some slow waves of euphoria come through my body. This is great!!

  • Great little Unit!

    Posted by Carlos Campos on 05/25/2012


    I started to use the basic zapper about a week ago during sleep. I'm already start feeling lighter, clear minded, with more energy. I think my hair is starting to grow back too.

  • Morgellons nanoinsects zapped

    Posted by Alessandra on 12/22/2012


    I use the basic zapper to repell the infestation on my eyes, sinuses, brain, face, ears, joints etc. Basically anywhere I feel pain due to the accumulated toxicity in my body. I also recommend these to my community who suffers with the same things as I do. Morgellons sufferers who have not discovered this are living in pain on their eyes, ears, sinus and require surgeries in joints and backs. I always tell them if you use the basic zapper you won't have these problems anymore. You will need to eliminate them from your body, but atleast the zapper prevented me to require surgeries from my ailments.

  • Basic Zapper is my best friend!

    Posted by Kariann, CT USA on 02/10/2013


    I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years & tried it all. It's been three weeks since I started wearing 2 basic zappers 24/7. I stopped all other prescribed meds at the same time. My swelling, nodules & stiffness are reduced by 85%. My appetite is improved & I've had the best sleep since. I have & will continue to purchase this for family & recommend it to friends! Other pluses: no flu or cold during this major flu season, quick wound & bruise healing, complexion clearing, increasing strength, increased range of motion & ability to use elliptical daily. Many thanks to Andy also for answering all my questions in such a timely manner. Thanks for giving me back my life!!!

  • Still reviewing

    Posted by Danchi on 04/27/2013


    I've had the Basic Zapper about 3 weeks and I'm still feeling it out. The first day I wore it I noticed that my stuffed up nose was clear and clear through the night. It appears to work better on my foot as opposed to my arms. One day I let my brother wear it for about an hour. He was going through chemo at the time and when I placed it on his arm, the pennies were still shiny. After an hour the pennies were almost black. I haven't been able to clean them back to the original color but since the discoloration doesn't affect how it functions I'm not worried about it.
    I did notice that it had no affect on the migraine headache I had one day. In fact, it seemed to intensify it so I took it off for about 18 hours and one the headache subsided I was able to wear it with no problems. I'll write another review as time goes on.

  • Zapper for Candida and Lyme Disease

    Posted by Mary on 05/07/2013


    The zapper is helping me to have a little more energy but the amazing this is that is making my hair and nails grow more faster than ever.

  • Change the pennies

    Posted by Brendan on 06/30/2013


    I changed the pennies to pennies that are 1981 and under because they were made from 95% copper. The ones that come with it are only 2.5% copper and they wear down. Check exactly when the pennies were made from less than 95% copper. They change on certain years they were made before 1981.

  • Get one!

    Posted by Nic on 03/04/2014


    This inexpensive Don Croft zapper works better than a much more expensive Hulda Clark zapper I have. Get one for yourself, your family members and friends!

  • love my zapper

    Posted by Tony on 06/02/2014


    love my zapper and I wear it every night!

  • Excellent Zapper

    Posted by Cristina on 11/20/2014


    I have been zapping nearly 24/7 for a month and I feel great! Everyone around me has been sick and I have been perfectly healthy.


    Posted by Glen on 01/26/2015


    End of discussion. Any skepticism comes from devout denialists and anyone who hasn't tried wearing it for a length of time (and are probably not dealing or haven't ever dealt with chronic infections or disease). First thing I noticed was I'm far calmer while wearing it. I noticed this after wearing it for a few days, before I'd seen any reference to improving mood. If I'm more agitated than usual, I'm probably not wearing it, and when I put it on my mood improves almost immediately. It also works for viral disease symptoms such as shingles or other similar conditions where skin inflammation is present. It lessens the sensitivity and definitely shrinks them in size.
    I wear it around the ankles in a sweatband usually or wrap it around my waist underneath my belly button with an ace bandage wrap. Never had a problem with any marks left from the device becoming permanent. If you feel it, you definitely need to wear it because you're highly acidic.

  • 2 basic zappers, one on each ankle

    Posted by Mark G. on 02/25/2015


    I cut the top 3 inches off of 2 socks. I Put them on upside down, one on each my ankles, above my regular socks that I wear.

    I then put 1 zapper in each sock... One on my left ankle and one on my right ankle. I wear them 24 hours a day. I noticed I do not get as hungry any more. Maybe because less parasites to feed? I heard it kills parasites in the body, so that could be why.

    I found that 'Wright's silver cream' works best to clean the copper pennies on the devices with a bit of toilet-paper. followed by a little windex to finish. Only takes a minute. I clean them twice each day.

    Been using them 2 months already. Been feeling normal, no health issues, less hungry. Saving money on my food bill.. I don't buy food as often anymore.

    So, I think it kills parasites in the body like they say. I think that's good. I think parasites are gross!.. don't you? Who wants to spend your grocery bill to feed parasites in your body? Gross man! Who wants little parasite worms crawling around inside you? I heard it's about 1 1/2 pounds of little parasites. (See United Nations review)

    No need to buy batteries anymore for them...... Use the 'Fle-Pow' battery charger and batteries. They are the best. Each charge lasts 5 days for round the clock use.


    Posted by Jasmyne Powell on 05/21/2015


    And I am a very VERY skeptical person. I paid my hard earn $35 with my part time job as a college student, so this was definitely an investment. I received it in the mail on MAY 15, 2015 and started using it on the 18th. Today is the 21st, and I had a bowel movement this morning, poor toliet lol!! It was a lot, and I did spot several parasites. They looked like white grains of rice(sorry to compare it to food!) , not sure which type of parasite that is, but this was definitely out of the norm. My poo (sorry for word choice!) was in the normal shape and texture that is on the BRISTOL chart. But yes people, it's a great investment, i Will be saving for the Terminator now!! :)

  • Zapper

    Posted by techgirl on 06/25/2015


    I’m a TI if you’re not sure what that is google targeted individual or organized stalking. I am using the zapper to help protect myself against electronic attacks. I think it works and can always notice the difference when my battery wears out.

  • this zapper is great

    Posted by Araly on 07/21/2015


    I've just received my zapper and it's great! Thanks ctbusters. You are certainly helping the world to go better!

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The Thirty-Five Dollar Basic Zapper

The Basic Zapper has changed it's name, it is $35, shipping and handling included, and shall remain so! These are very effective zappers, endorsed by Don Croft. The Basic Zapper pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery's charge.

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If you require your Thirty-Five Dollar Basic Zapper order be sent Priority Mail - do contact us and make arrangments to pay for the upgraded shipping costs.

These are very effective zappers, endorsed by Don Croft. The Thirty-Five Dollar Basic Zapper pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery's charge. We don't feel that transformers should be used as the 60 HZ frequency of the wall current interferes with the frequency set on the Zapper circuit board, disrupting the performance of the Zapper.

The Basic Zapper has the same zapper-circuitry as the Croft Terminator Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the best Zapper in the world, but it doesn't have the high-cost either. Both the Basic Zapper and the Terminator kill parasites such as worms, virus, bacteria and fungi. The Terminator heals on higher levels as well, such as emotional and spiritual. Don says the Terminator continues to heal the body after the parasite die-off. Knowing that the main work of zapping is parasite cleansing, the Basic Zapper is very effective and bargain-priced.

They are smaller than the Terminator and very easy to use. Slip it into a sock, under a bra-strap, in your waistband, be creative. Printed instructions for the Basic Zapper are included with your order.

This awesome Zapper is only $35, shipping included.

Don Croft wrote the Basic Zapper Instructions

See the Crofts discuss zappers in this video:
Don & Carol Croft with David Wolfe - Zappers!

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